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At  My Unique Studio, every client is cherished, and your comfort is our priority, from the moment you enter. Our commitment to , quality, and personalized care ensures that you enjoy your pedicure experience.

What to aspect:

  •  Feet bad with Sea salt and Essential oils, to enhance the overall experience of a deep relaxation.

  • Trimming and shaping toenails according to the desired length and style.

  • Cuticle Care, to promotes healthy nail growth and prevents hangnails. Push the cuticle back, and trimming if necessary.

  • Exfoliation manual and machine to removes callus, dead skin cells, to promotes skin renewal, and improves overall foot texture. And then Application of an exfoliating scrub to the feet, followed by gentle massaging.

  • Feet mask (Optional)  a rich  foot mask for 10 minutes to leaving it soft and supple feet.

  • Massage to stimulate  blood circulation, and promotes relaxation.

  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin.

  • Nail Polish (Optional)

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