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8 reasons why you should book a massage today

Feeling stressed and tired in this autumn period? ☁️🍂🐿 I feel you ..🤧💤 But massage may be an effective method for gaining control over your health and well-being. Check it out to see whether it's a good fit 💆🏼

What are the different types of massages?

It exists different types of massages. The most common types are:

Massage, My Unique Studio, Amsterdam

Swedish massage: This massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief 💆‍♀️

Massage, My Unique Studio, Amsterdam

Sport massage: It is designed to help people who exercise and can aid healing after an injury or prevent it 🤾‍♀️⚽️🧗🏼

Massage, My Unique Studio, Amsterdam

Hot stone massage: The focal point of a hot stone massage is the use of stones to apply pressure during the massage therapy session ❤️‍🔥

What are the benefits of getting a massage?

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

Every day, we are exposed to an increasing number of stresses. If you know, you know.. 🤯🤯Massage treatment can aid in the reduction of stress hormones and the rise of serotonin and dopamine levels. It can also reduce your anxiousness. Massage treatment helps the body relax, enabling nervous thoughts to go away. Amazing, right?🥳

2. Promote sleep

Melatonin can help us sleep better, but it is not the best treatment for insomnia. Try getting a massage before you start using melatonin pills or other significant drugs. Massage is a drug-free and pleasant way to combat insomnia 💤💤

Massage, My Unique Studio, Amsterdam

3. Release muscle tension

Muscle fibers shrink when they are under a lot of strain, and this might limit mobility. Massage can assist relax muscle fibers by raising the temperature of the soft tissue 🔥

4. Improve immune function

A stronger immune system is beneficial to everyone, especially those who suffer from a number of small diseases each year 😤 A team of researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center revealed that a single 45-minute massage changes the immunological response of the human body 😳

5. Improve circulation and energy

Do you frequently feel weary at the end of the day? Swedish massages are noted for relaxing the patient while also making them feel more energized for the remainder of the day 😏

6. Promote relaxation

Massage, My Unique Studio, Amsterdam

A Swedish or hot stone massage provides just the perfect amount of pressure, which is often paired with heat, to relieve aching muscles. If your body is stiff following a stressful week at work, either of these massage types might help you finally relax. Yaaassssss!🥰

7. Ease symptoms of depression

People who receive massages are happier 😆 Yeah, yeah, that is correct! Massages have been shown to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) while raising serotonin and dopamine (the happy chemicals) and hence improve mood ✌️

8. Enhance exercise performance

Sports massage may be used to improve athletic performance, expedite recovery, and aid improve conditioning and sustain peak performance in anybody who participates in any athletic or exercise program 🏋️‍♀️

Massage, My Unique Studio, Amsterdam

You SHOULD definitely try AT LEAST once 😍

All you have to do is to book an appointment with us below ⬇️


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