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9 Ways For Preventing And Treating Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair after waxing is a problem for so many of us. So in this blog we’re here to address this problem and suggest some ways to treat it. Sounds nice, right? 😏

1. Exfoliate

Uuu some exfoliating time… We love it. If you exfoliate your skin regularly, GREAT and KEEP IT UP 😊 If you have never exfoliated your skin then surely this is the perfect time for you to ride this wave.

It is a great way to strip away the clogged pores and prevent hair stuck beneath the skin a.k.a ingrown hair. We highly encourage you to exfoliate the waxed area 3 days after your appointment.

Here are some of the exfoliating products you can use at home

  • Purifying and refreshing

  • Gentle peeling with natural extracts; birch leaves

  • Giving soft & supple skin

  • With the fresh spicy scent of cypress, grapefruit, lemon

Use: Once a week

  • Contain Glycolic Acid; effective exfoliating ingredients to renew the surface of the skin

  • Nourishing lotion reduces redness and bumps

  • Perfect for all skin types

  • Suitable for all skin types and fragrance free

Use: Suitable for Daily Use

  • Glove for use to body rubs

  • Remove the dead skin cells

  • Giving a smoother and softer skin

Use: Scrub 1-2 times per week with a little bit of shower gel

2. Moisturize

Next up… moisturize. Do moisturize your skin using lotion after shower to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. Very important to loosen the dead skin that prevents ingrown hair.

You can do this the day after completing your waxing appointment.

You may check our moisturizer recommendation for after waxing:

  • After wax balm against ingrown hair and red bumps

  • Reduces irritation and itching,

  • Treat blemishes

  • Contains100% natural tea tree oil

Use: Apply the balm to the newly waxed skin and let it soak.

  • Prevents dryness & clogged pores

  • Rapid and lasting skin hydration

  • Soothes dry, sensitive, and damaged skin

  • Skin tolerant & Fragrance free

Use: Apply as needed

3. Avoid steamy saunas, swimming, hot tub baths, and direct sunlight exposure

What? Uhm Why?😱 Here’s the reason. Your skin becomes sensitive after being stretched on an intense waxing session. You surely want to take good care and avoid discomfort on your skin.

Uhm ok…. 🤔 So, how long should I wait for the sauna with the girls? Not that long, you just need 2 days from your treatment and then you are free to do anything you like.

4. Switch chemical antiperspirant/ deodorant to the natural ones

Chemical based antiperspirant/ deodorant consists of ingredients that can react to your skin. As your guide, we really want you to avoid irritation as well as ingrown hair. Alternatively, consider changing your chemical-based antiperspirant into natural deodorant. It treats body odour, healthier for the skin, free of harmful chemicals, and great for long term use. How great is that? 😍

5. Wear cotton and loose-fitting clothes

Just like all of us, your skin needs to breathe. Allowing your newly waxed skin to breathe will enable the hair to grow naturally. Plus, it is also a great way to prevent constant scratch to your skin that can cause ingrown hair.

6. Skip oil-based or tanning products

For just a couple of days after waxing, hold off the use of oil based or tanning products as they can build up your pores.

7. Do not shave between waxing appointments

When the small hair starts growing, you may want to immediately remove them. But please... don't do it 😫 Refrain from shaving in between waxing treatments. It can disturb your hair growth cycle, leading to more hair on your next waxing appointment. This is what you can do: wax regularly between 4-6 weeks depending on the growth of your hair. You can get your waxing appointment when your hair reaches 2mm long.

8. Do not get involved in too much physical activity for 2 days after waxing

Whoa… I cannot do any exercise after waxing? 😱 That seems a little too much. No, don’t worry you still can, however you have to keep it easy. Extreme physical activity gives you excessive sweat and friction that can irritate your skin after waxing. So, If you want to work out, do it light for the first 2 days after your waxing treatment.

9. Keep your waxed areas clean

Protect your skin using antibacterial cream onto the waxed area 3 days after your treatment. Make sure your skin is dry and fresh. Not to forget, always wash your hands before applying any products 👐 🧼

Is there a way to stop ingrown hair for good?

Yes, there is 😉 You can say bye to ingrown hair FOREVER by having laser hair removal. By getting laser hair removal, you won’t ever need to shave, wax, applying tons of skins, you are worry free from ingrown hair. Are you excited?

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Want to know more about laser? Read more about Laser hair removal on our blog 👀


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