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Laser Hair Removal Do's and Don'ts

Don't do this during laser hair treatment

You've heard that after each laser treatment you will see a 15% - 20 % reduction in hair. After 6 to 10 treatments almost all your hair should be gone FOREVER! 😯

That's very impressive and I hope you understand how powerful laser treatment is.

You need to wait many weeks between each treatment to let your hair grow back.

BUT there are some things that you cannot do between treatments.

You NEED to know these cause no one wants to deal with the side effects, right? 😜 Remember, that you must treat the body area delicately.

So rubbing or scratching is a huge no-no! ⛔️


You don’t want to have any infections or scars, do you? Now, let me divide the things you cannot do into time frames ⬇️

Things you should avoid for 48 hours after the treatment

  • Exercising 🏋️

  • Anything that involves chlorine (e.g. swimming)

  • Hot baths and hot showers 🛁

  • Make-up on the treated area 💄

  • Application of perfumed products or bleaching creams (for example, deodorants)

Things you should avoid for 72 hours after the treatment

  • Shaving the treated area 🪒

  • Wearing tight clothing

Things you should avoid for 7 days after the treatment

  • Heat treatments like spas, steam rooms, saunas 🧖‍♀️

Things you should avoid for 14 days after the treatment

  • Exposing skin to UV light (sunlight/sunbeds) or self-tan 🌞

  • Any additional laser treatments or chemical procedures on the treated area for at least 2 weeks or until healing has occurred

Things you should avoid during the entire treatment course

  • Waxing, tweezing, and threading for the complete duration of the treatment course (shaving is allowed)

Well, if you forgot to avoid any of these things, you should contact us in case of any side effects🥴

What should you remember to do?

Apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel or cream to the treated area several times a day to keep it moist 🌱

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