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Why Is Pedicure a Must For Your Feet?

A pedicure's main goal is to provide you smooth, moisturized feet and clean, well-groomed nails. Sounds nice right? 🤩 Well, at My Unique Studio we are now offering some pedicure treatment 😎 Pedicure procedures vary widely, from polish type to massage, it's important to select the pedicure that fits you best.

What is a shellac pedicure?

It is a clear or coloured gel that's UV light-bonded to your nails for a long-lasting glossy finish ✨ Shellac nails combine the greatest features of gel (durability and protection) with the best features of polish (glorious colour and shine) 😍 It's a patented method with a branded base coat, colour coat, and topcoat.

What is the difference between a Lux Pedicure and a Spa Pedicure?

Well, the answer is quite simple. A Lux Pedicure consists of the following: a foot bath, foot scrub, nail trim/file, and nail painting 💅 A Spa Pedicure is a full-foot treatment that includes mask, cuticle removal, scrubbing, and cream to hydrate your nails while also soothing your feet. And that’s not all 😱 In the Spa Pedicure, a foot massage is included, which renew the skin while relaxing the muscles.

Why is it important to get a pedicure?

You may know that the average individual walks between 8,000 and 10,000 steps each day, which equals to over 185,074.56 kilometers over the course of a lifetime. That is A LOT 😲 If your feet are not properly cared for, all of this wear and tear can be dangerous. A pedicure cleans and moisturizes your feet while also caring for your nails.

What are the benefits of a pedicure?

It shouldn't be necessary to persuade anyone to get a pedicure; we all know how relaxing they are, right? 😍 However, it is much more than simply a relaxing day at the salon.

  • Make your feet looking more attractive

  • Prevent ingrown toenails

  • Prevent foot odour

  • Relaxing and stress relieving

  • Prevent infections

Why should men get a pedicure?

Wait... Did you really think that pedicures were only for women?😱 You are wrong, it is not a girly thing anymore. Gender aside, as you have read above, pedicure has many advantages and men also have the right to benefit from it 😍 PLUS, your partner will love it 😘 So, if you are desperate to get your boyfriend to go to a beauty salon , persuade him to get a pedicure, he won't be disappointed 🤩 THANK ME LATER.

So what's next?

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