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Why You Need To Stop Shaving (your body hair)

You are thinking ‘Why should I stop shaving, it’s so quick and easy!’ 🧐 Well, it’s easy and you can do it at home but it’s not always quick... So let’s talk about shaving.

What happens when you shave?

The top layer of hair is removed when you use razors, but the hair roots are still there. It’s not painful (unless you cut yourself haha) Other potential side effects are itching, pimples, razor burn, or ingrown hair.

What about the equipment?

You’ve probably noticed that the razors you use are not that expensive, in contrast to the blades that you also need💰 Unfortunately, in best case scenario, the results will last only a week, and then you’ll have to do it all over again😢

Soo what's a better way to get rid of your hair? WAXING! I know, I know… I didn’t discover America with this one and you probably know it well, but let’s have a discussion.

What is waxing about?

Your hair is removed from the roots using wax and strips. Immediately after the wax you can experience redness and irritation, rashes, temporary bumps, sun sensitivity, allergic reaction, infection, or scarring.

Is waxing expensive?

Depending on what body part you want to wax, it costs between 7 and 40 euros. The results will actually last 4 to 5 weeks😱 That means you don’t have to shave

(and buy razors + blades) every week, which is awesome! 😍

Isn’t waxing painful?

You’ve probably waited for the answer to this question. Hmm let’s be honest - waxing can be painful🥴 You’re basically ripping out multiple strands of hair, so it causes the instant shock of pain. BUT it goes away in a matter of seconds🥳

If you’re now discouraged by the potential pain and side effects, look at those extra benefits! ⬇️

Is waxing healthier for my skin?

With waxing, there’s the extra benefit of exfoliation. Because the substance sticks to the top layer of skin, it can remove dead skin cells to reveal a softer underlying layer. So, you can enjoy a much smoother skin. How amazing is that?!😱

Does my hair grow back thicker?

The answer is no! And yes, you’ve heard me well - after regular waxing, hair begins to grow back thinner and sometimes lighter, so next time when you’re waxing it won’t hurt as much as the first time🤩

Is waxing time-saving?

Just imagine, you’re in a hurry, standing in the shower, getting into awkward positions and finding the right angles to get to all the difficult-to-reach areas and at the end you probably miss a few spots anyway, but don’t have time to go back and re-do it🙄 With waxing you don’t have to worry you’ll miss a spot or be late to that important meeting. Also, forget about running to the nearest shop when you realise you don’t have a razor😎

But what if I have sensitive skin?

Shaving can worsen any issues you have with your skin, especially if you shave every day or two. Dragging a razor over your skin can lead to sore and red rashes and uncomfortable irritation🤕 You don’t have to worry about that with waxing because experienced professionals at Unique Studio know how to treat different skin types🤩

Still not convinced…?

The best part about waxing is that a week later your legs will STILL be that soft and smooth as it was right after your appointment. No more feelings of embarrassment when it comes to showing your legs 😎

Amsterdamers, we miss you and we miss the interaction with you! 🥺

We hope we can open by 10 February so if you’re excited about waxing, let your hair grow for the next couple weeks and then come visit us!

See you soon💛


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